This blog is about Urdu poetry of Qaisar Shakeeli, Shahjahanpuri. He is a well known poet of country level. Collection of his poetry has been published first in 1968 under title “NAQOOSH-e-FARDA“. His second Majmooa-e-Kalam “NIDA” came in 2002. A collection of his Hamd, Naat & Manqabat “WASILA” was published in 2008. Now for past two years he has has taken up a Herculean task of translating ahaadees into poetry. He has already completed most of this poetic translation of ahaadees and INSHA ALLAH very soon it will also be published.


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  1. shakil akhtar

    February 18, 2011 at 10:43 am

    today i saw qaisar shakili’s picture on this site. i could recognise the qaisar i knew in 60s under his beard and bones. after all these years only now i learnt he grew to be a great shair. subhan Allah.
    p.s. and also of pdt. basheeruddin. he was my colleague in Islamia school. in the 60s.
    thank u Salim


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